PCIHIPAA is an industry leader in medical compliance that provides quick & convenient compliance solutions for its clients. Delivering primary security products and insurance to mitigate the liabilities facing dentists and doctors, we remove the complexities and stressors of financial and legal compliance to PCI & HIPAA regulations.

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Additional Benefits for Our Clients Include:

• Customized HIPAA Manual and Welcome Kit
• HIPAA Solution Center (online portal with compliance tools)
• HIPAA Policy Updates, Training, and Support
• PCI Annual Requirements and Certification
• Personalized Incident Response Team
• On Call Risk Advisors


PCIHIPAA is an industry leader in medical and dental compliance by providing turnkey, customizable solutions for its clients. PCIHIPAA launched OfficeSafe™, an online compliance portal, to help practices minimize the complexities surrounding compliance, and to ensure that medical and dental practices are compliant, trained and prepared.

PCIHIPAA Consultants

PCIHIPAA employs compliance consultants and operational professionals to provide medical practices with Payment Card Industry (PCI) and HIPAA Compliance related services.

PCIHIPAA currently manages a portfolio of hundreds of practices nationwide and works with a number of resellers to fold in their Compliance Program with its own, passing on additional benefits and services to our clients.

PCIHIPAA services include HIPAA Compliant Data Backup, PCI Certification, Incident Response Planning and Training, Data Breach and PCI Insurance, E-Mail Encryption, and HIPAA Security Compliance.

PCI and HIPAA Policy Experts

At PCIHIPAA, we are the market’s PCI and HIPAA Compliance experts. We provide in-depth PCI and HIPAA compliance services to help you navigate the many complexities of compliance. With more than a decade of experience in HIPAA and Compliance guidelines, we understand the regulations inside and out. You can count on our team to protect your practice from the threat of regulatory scrutiny, civil litigation, and negative publicity.

• HIPAA Specialists

We offer more than a decade of experience in PCI and HIPAA Compliance. Whether a dental practice, an outpatient facility, medical practitioner, or a senior care facility –our knowledgeable and experienced specialists are prepared to help. We understand that older equipment, multiple locations, and human error create gaps in compliance – especially with patient financial data. Our comprehensive PCI and HIPAA Compliance services are here to protect you and your business.

• Top PCI and HIPAA Consultants

For every situation, we provide a dedicated Compliance Qualified Security Assessor for Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® cards. Our PCI Compliance and certification program covers unnecessary exposure from 2010 regulations – translating into huge savings and protection for you.

• PCI Compliance and Financial Protection

No matter your risk, PCIHIPAA delivers the market’s leading PCI compliance tools. From Pre-Compliance Checks and Network Vulnerability Scans to Penetration Testing, PCIHIPAA offers everything necessary to protect your valuable assets.

For the medical profession, compliance is critical and required by law. To protect cardholder information, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI) has established the highest levels of security for cardholder information. Whether you are a solo medical practitioner or part of a multi-physician organization, if you accept patient payments via credit card, you’re required by law to adhere to PCI Standards. We’re here to make it easy.

The facts are sobering. Nearly half of all data breaches result from human failure. A laptop left in a rental car, back-up tape in transit, or even the inadvertent posting of confidential data online. Credit card forensic software also means 40 percent of data breaches can be traced directly to the practice. With fines of up to $50,000 per incident, the need for PCI and HIPAA Compliance has never been more crucial.

According to Digital Transactions (December 2008), 85 percent of data breaches occur at practices that process fewer than 20,000 e-commerce transactions per year. This includes practices that don’t exceed 1 million transactions per year with a single credit card brand.However, practices are just beginning to understand the importance of maintaining PCI Compliance. This includes everything from removing full credit card numbers from patient billing and records to conducting mandatory PCI and HIPAA Risk.