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Violation in the Background
February 28, 2022

Violation in the Background


A nurse had been filming short vlogs about fashion advice from her cell phone while in the office. What she didn’t realize was that she also kept leaking confidential healthcare information. On occasion, there were documents and office computers with patient files, personnel contacts, and x-rays visible in the background. As the vlog became more popular and her following increased, audiences noticed this and submitted formal complaints.


We were able to assist this client promptly, walking them through the steps and how to appropriately address this with the employee and any affected patients. This included customized and additional Privacy Training and Reinforcement of Social Media Policy. We also helped them properly manage and document what had happened, when the problems were identified, relevant correspondence, and the risk-management steps to protect and ensure this didn’thappen again.

This did not evolve into an OCR (Office for Civil Rights) investigation, but the client was fully equipped if this were to happen. With our compliance hotlineand team of Compliance Experts, we were prepared to guide them every step of the way.