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HIPAA Compliance “Certified By” OfficeSafe

The HIPAA Compliance “Certified By” OfficeSafe and powered by PCIHIPAA is a 3rd party certification.  The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) does not provide healthcare providers with formal certificates of HIPAA compliance.  HIPAA compliance is an ongoing requirement for your practice.  PCIHIPAA’s OfficeSafe platform enables practices of all sizes to quickly and easily implement the safeguards required under HIPAA law.  1,000’s of practices rely on OfficeSafe to help implement policies and procedures, train employees, execute business associate and privacy documents, and more.  By using OfficeSafe, PCIHIPAA is certifying that you are implementing and maintaining HIPAA compliance throughout your practice.

OfficeSafe’s HIPAA Compliance Certification is widely accepted throughout the healthcare industry and proven to be current with the safeguards required by HHS and regulated by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

By using OfficeSafe and displaying the HIPAA Compliance mark,  your practice is demonstrating that the privacy and security of your protected health information (PHI) is a key priority.  The Certification also verifies that you are working with a Certified HIPAA Professional that understands the requirements under HIPAA law, and will assist you with questions and/or related incidents.

PCIHIPAA’s HIPAA Compliance “Certified By” mark may only be used by practices actively enrolled in the OfficeSafe Compliance Program.  Practices using the mark and not enrolled are violating PCIHIPAA’s Terms of Use and subject to the Conditions stated there in.

Get Certified

HIPAA Risk Assessment- Certified HIPAA Complaince


When Do I Receive my HIPAA Compliance Certification by OfficeSafe?

Once you enroll in the OfficeSafe Compliance Program by PCIHIPAA, your staff will be trained on OfficeSafe and other aspects of HIPAA Compliance.  Once our team and proprietary software determines you are implementing the safeguards required by HIPAA, we will issue your “Certified By” seal for your website and office.

Does PCIHIPAA Guarantee HIPAA Compliance?

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) does not provide healthcare providers with formal certificates of HIPAA compliance.  Therefore there is no formal guarantee.  However, enrolling in the OfficeSafe Compliance Program will help you implement the safeguards required by HIPAA, and will also provide you insurance in case of a ransomware attack, employee error or other related incident.

How Do I Get Started?

Just complete the Get Certified Form and a Sr. Risk Advisor will walk you through the enrollment process.
You can also start by taking a complimentary risk assessment.

HIPAA Compliance Can Be Simple and Easy

See How Dr. David Frey of Beverly Hills became HIPAA Compliance in less than 60 Days.


After taking the free online HIPAA Risk Assessment offered by AAOMS, I realized our practice could use help with our information security needs. Our practice signed up with OfficeSafe by PCIHIPAA through AAOMS in August 2016. The staff is so helpful and friendly and I finally feel that our practice is on the right path toward being compliant. OfficeSafe has put together binders along with the online portal to help guide us to our way of compliance. All of the policies are prepared in addition to any forms we may need. Using the online videos for our employee meeting made the employees feel well informed. The stress of not having to worry if we are compliant is so worth it. I highly recommend the PCIHIPAA program to help with your office HIPAA and security obstacles.

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