Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for PCI and HIPAA Compliance

PCIHIPAA offers two comprehensive insurance coverage plans – best matched to meet your business needs.

Our $100,000 plan offers insurance coverage for HIPAA violations resulting from theft of electronic or physical patient files, procedural errors with sensitive patient information, or employee theft. Our $150,000 plan for Visa/MasterCard violations provides coverage resulting from electronic or employee theft of credit card/check information – as well as all fines resulting from civil violation from a government or credit agency.
Our services also provide credit monitoring/identity restoration and coverage of mandatory forensic investigations.

Products & Services

  • PCI & HIPAA Compliance

  • Data Backup & Restoration

  • Insurance Coverage

Did You Know?
1. Your practice holds a wealth of personal patient information that requires constant & careful protection to ensure their security & your practice’s welfare?
2. Data breaches skyrocketed nearly 50% in 2012?
3. Nearly 34.7 million personal records have been affected by data breach?
4. Data breach costs for small businesses can cost as much $50,000 per violation?
5. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 has now imposed new HIPAA privacy and security fines?


Free Risk Assessment 15 Page Report with HIPAA Score Required under HIPAA Security Rule

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