Grow Your Revenue

Expand Your Horizons and Your Margins

With a fixed, predictable monthly data protection cost, you’ll be able to strategically sell data protection services at margins that work best for your business. Transform your opportunity to grow revenue and earn profits, through a strategic partnership with PCIHIPAA.

The PCIHIPAA Partnership Plan was created to address the average business’ changing information security needs in our modern economical and technological environment. To reach businesses, we are seeking mutually beneficial, lasting partnerships through IT businesses already working with target clients. By offering a competitive fixed service price, we empower our partners to bundle data protection into their usual service agreement at their chosen price point.

With the predictable pricing model of our Partnership Plan, your costs remain constant while your profit potential increases along with your client base. You do not need to worry about familiarizing yourself with PCI or HIPAA protocol. You will be able to outsource your data and health protection services to PCIHIPAA while maintaining your usual services. By adding data protection to your IT services, you will be able to maintain and keep more clients. PCIHIPAA’s partnership expands not only the services you offer, but your client base as well.
Andy Harper, CIO, Gaeltek, LLC

Three Ways to Grow Your Revenue with PCIHIPAA

1. Fix your monthly cost

Our full platform provides protection for all data at a competitive flat rate. This rate enables you to then build profitable packages that work best for you and your clients. For example, if you charge 3% more than our rate upon delivering our services to your client, you will generate revenue with the transaction. By utilizing your connection with the client to provide our data protection services, you are serving as an essential link. This valuable connection can be used to generate additional revenue.

2. Build margins for high-value services

Have a file and folder customer who wants to add physical image backups? Traditional, time-honored medical offices often necessitate specialized data backup. Our platform allows clients to easily protect new & old data types, at the same time. This convenient and oftentimes essential feature is a high-value service that PCIHIPAA offers. Be sure that you are aware of the value of the services you are offering through your partnership with PCIHIPAA. You will be able to charge higher margins for higher-value services.

3. Grow More & Earn More

Fixed cost unlocks limitless earning potential.

The more connections and clients you establish, the more you will see returns on your PCIHIPAA partnership. This converse relationship encourages business growth, developing a direct correlation between client base and profit. As the seller of PCIHIPAA services, you decide how much you earn based on the prices you set and the number of clients you have. Offering these high value services will attract more clients and naturally, more revenue.

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