OfficeSafePay - Medical and Dental Credit Card Processing

Getting Started with OfficeSafe Pay is Fast and Free

Once you submit the form below, an OfficeSafe Pay representative will call you to activate your account.  There are no commitments or long-term contracts.​   

Accept every payment

Swipe, dip, or tap every credit card type.  Even works with  Apple Pay™ and Google Wallet™

Save money

The OfficeSafe Pay program provides you with a free EMV terminal, no contract or termination fees,  no PCI Non – Compliance Fees, reduced medical processing rates or the ability to have 0% credit card processing fees through our Cash Discount Program.  OfficeSafe Pay saves practices $1,000’s of dollars per year.

Fast and secure payment technology

Designed for busy practices, our terminals are EMV compliant and can quickly run your credit card transactions. Make transactions easy for your front office employees.

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