Why Partner with PCIHIPAA?

PCIHIPAA safeguards business assets and protects consumer privacy rights.

Protect revenue growth with the industry’s best support team. PCIHIPAA specializes in data breach prevention technologies. Our team’s extensive experience in the field of IT Security has prepared us to both protect clients and respond to data breaches with the composed confidence necessary in the event that they occur. We have developed systematic protocol and tools to assess and attack any potential data breach. PCIHIPAA is built to protect businesses so they can succeed, with a full service data protection strategy.

PCIHIPAA utilizes the full power of modern technologies to deliver the ultimate in security breach protection to clients-at a competitive cost. Clients receive access to exclusive resources, including technical and customer support. In addition, we provide educational resources to prevent against potential security breaches. We understand PCI and HIPAA law and safeguard clients against legal violations. By partnering with PCIHIPAA, you will be able to offer your clients highly specialized IT security services.

Protect Revenue, Prevent Loss

The loss of consumer data includes the loss of income for most businesses. In December of 2013, Bloomberg.com reported, “At the height of holiday shopping season, Target finds itself grappling to maintain customers’ loyalty in the wake of a breach that exposed 40 million debit and credit cards.”1 retailer also provided free credit reports, discounts, and additional perks to compromised customers. This response was costly, however it was necessary to maintain consumer loyalty. In the event that credit card or health information is compromised, businesses may be held accountable for losses. Having a prevention plan and response protocol for data breach is essential in our digitized monetary economy. Focus on data protection now and protect revenue later.

White-Label Branding

Our “white-label” branding system is formulated so that you are able to easily re-brand our platform as your own. Provide your clients with the PCIHIPAA protection they need, as part of your own service package. Use our unique marketing materials, to offer data protection services with your own logo and colors. Attract and keep clients with PCIHIPAA’s expert services and consumer support.

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