PCIHIPAA Partners with select Associations

PCIHIPAA Partners with select Associations, Continuing Education providers, EMR providers, Practice Management Software IT providers, HIPAA Consultants, Attorneys, Insurance Agencies and other vendors that service small to midsize medical and dental offices.
We provide our sales partners with a free tool kit that provides Risk Assessment and Vulnerability scan reporting that enables them to service their clients and provide additional services and opportunities for new revenue and reducing their own liability.
Our customized marketing tools enable our sales partners to gain new customers and lead generate based on PCI and HIPAA Compliance.

Turn Compliance Into Revenue with our Referral Program.
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As the PCI and HIPAA Compliance experts, we offer a wide range ofprograms to help you create new revenue opportunities. Supported by unmatched knowledge of the compliance and payments industry, our reseller programs are specifically designed to help you realize new levels of success by partnering with PCIHIPAA.

Are You a “Business Associate?”

A “business associate” is a personor entity performing certain functions or activities that involve the use or disclosure of protected health information on behalf of, or providing services to, a covered entity. As a Business Associate you need to understand the requirements under HIPAA.

Examples of Business Associates:

  • A third-party administrator assisting a health plan with claims processing.
    • A CPA firm whose accounting services to a health care provider involves access to protected
      health information.
  • An attorney whose legal services to a health plan involves access to protected health information.
  • A consultant performing utilization reviews for a hospital.
    • A health care clearinghouse translating a claim from a non-standard format into a standard
      transaction on behalf of a health care provider, then forwarding the processed transaction to a payer.
  • An independent medical transcriptionist providing services to a physician.
  • A pharmacy benefits manager managing a health plan’s pharmacist network.