Turn Compliance into Revenue

Partnering with PCIHIPAA is simple and convenient. Protect and empower your network of healthcare professionals by joining us in providing award-winning compliance resources, dynamic consultations, and comprehensive content.

What’s Included:


PCIHIPAA organizes LIVE Continuing Education courses for your client and member businesses at no cost to the Organization.


Obtain a new way to generate revenue for your organization. 


Complimentary tools your clients and member businesses.

Societies &

Stop paying for speaker fees and book Infection Control, HIPAA, OSHA, and Sexual Harassment training with us. Additionally, earn non-dues revenue by providing members with an exclusive rate for OfficeSafe 360.


I.T. & MSPs

You handle the technical safeguards, let us handle the administrative side of HIPAA compliance for your clients. Additionally, provide your clients with a Cyber Insurance policy that will pay you for your services.

Strategic Partners

PCIHIPAA partners with all types of companies that work with private healthcare providers. We have unique programs tailored for every vertical to provide your clients with the HIPAA, OSHA, and Payments compliance tools they need to meet requirements.

Who We Partner With

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