SK Technical Announces Strategic Partnership with PCIHIPAA For Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Coverage

Addresses A Key Challenge for Many Medical and Dental Organizations Safeguarding Patient Protected Health Information (PHI)   

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, October 10, 2018 – S.K. Technical is pleased to announce its new partnership with PCIHIPAA, a leading HIPAA and Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance provider. The partnership is focused on protecting S.K. Technical clients from the onslaught of HIPAA violations which include ransomware attacks and data breaches impacting medical and dental practices throughout the United States.


According to the site (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), over 870,000 patient records were breached just in the month of July 2018. Protected Health Information (PHI) continues to be under attack as hackers strive to monetize the stolen data on the dark web. The types of HIPAA violations most often identified are:


  1. Impermissible uses and disclosures of protected health information (PHI)
  2. Lack of technology safeguards of PHI
  3. Lack of adequate contingency planning in case of a data breach or ransomware attack
  4. Lack of administrative safeguards of PHI
  5. Lack of a mandatory HIPAA risk assessment
  6. Lack of executed Business Associate Agreements
  7. Lack of employee training and updated policies and procedures


“We vetted many HIPAA compliance providers and believe PCIHIPAA’s OfficeSafe Compliance Program is the right solution for our clients. Our partnership adds another quality layer of training and protection to S.K. Technical” said Samba Kamara, Owner, S.K. Technical. “We are confident that our clients will find the program easy to implement and provide peace of mind knowing that they are taking the appropriate safeguards to protect their patient’s private information. Best of all, they can do it for a very affordable price.”


PCIHIPAA’s OfficeSafe Compliance Program provides several key features that will allow busy and growing medical and dental practices to easily conform to strict HIPAA regulations. The OfficeSafe Compliance Program includes:


  • HIPAA Policies and Procedures – a guided navigation to easily create, update, and record your HIPAA Policies and Procedures
  • HIPAA Checklist – an easy checklist to follow the compliance status of your office
  • Online HIPAA Employee Training – comprehensive training options for staff to provide insight into latest HIPAA Regulations
  • HIPAA Compliance Webinars – education webinars to learn more about HIPAA Regulations
  • ​​$250,000 PCI and HIPAA Data Breach, Non-Compliance, Privacy, Network Security and Ransom Insurance Coverage
  • OfficeSafe ID: Identity Restoration for doctors and their families
  • Annual PCI Compliance and Certification (Annual SAQ / Quarterly IP Scans)


“We are excited to be working with S.K. Technical. Their infrastructure, experience, and specialists provide all medical and dental practices with a comprehensive IT solution.” said Jeff Broudy, CEO of PCIHIPAA. “We find that many practices don’t have the resources to navigate HIPAA law, and are unaware of common vulnerabilities. Adding the OfficeSafe Compliance Program to S.K. Technicial’s extensive suite of services will provide an easy-to-follow guide for medical and dental practices, large and small. Additionally, due to the Equifax data breach, and increase in cyber-attacks, OfficeSafe includes a $250,000 Data Breach and Network Security Policy, and Identity Restoration Protection for you and your family. We invite every member to conduct a complimentary Self-Assessment to quickly identity key vulnerabilities in their practice.”


About S.K. Technical

S.K. Technical is an agile and growing IT company in the San Antonio, TX area that focuses on providing medical and dental practices with network and cyber security through data backup solutions, firewalls, encryption and more.


For inquiries, please contact:


Maria Reigosa Sr. Compliance Advisor


Phone: 800-588-0254



Samba Kamara – Owner

S.K. Technical

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