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HIPAA & Cyber-Security Training

Speaker: Jeff Broudy, VP of Compliance Solutions

Date Recorded: 1/05/2022


Stop Cancellations! Secrets to Building and Maintaining a Predictable, Productive Schedule in Today’s Practice Environment

1 CE Credit

Speaker: Steven J. Anderson

Date: June 14, 2023

Time: 3:00-4:00pm EST

Learning Objectives:

•   Overcoming the biggest objections to treatment. 

•   Scheduling mistakes that invite patients to cancel.

•   What the doctor may be saying that is creating a cancellation problem.

•   “I can’t afford it.” “Will my insurance cover all this?” And more solutions to the toughest patient objections.

•   Why “confirmation” calls cause more people to cancel.

•   The two secret words that will get more people to keep their appointments.

•   E-mail, text, and phone reminders.  Which is more effective?

•   Should you charge a cancellation fee?

•   Each team member’s role in helping patients keep their commitments.



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