White-Label Branding

Your Name, Our Platform!

When you partner with PCIHIPAA, we do everything.

By offering our data protection to your clients, you are providing your clients the expertise and data protection they need. Meanwhile our data protection package pricing enables you to make an impact on your bottom line right away.

We market our data protection platform for you, using your company logo and name. We give you the tools to rebrand your website, software, and notifications according to your needs.

To supplement our marketing tools, we provide use of our portal customization tool. Use it to create your own portal for your clients in just four easy steps:

1. Upload your logo.
2. Select a color scheme.
3. Provide company information
4. Customize email notifications.

In a matter of minutes, your web portal will be ready for use. It will be entirely customized to your business. Your clients will be impressed by the sleek design and specialized services offered by PCIHIPAA under your company’s logo and name.

Go further and build backup into your own custom application to give even more value to your clients through an impressive, streamlined interface.

Additionally, PCIHIPAA offers technical documentation and marketing collateral that you can brand when consulting with your clients. Another benefit PCIHIPAA provides is marketing copy such as email templates and brochure language that you can input into any document of your own design.

PCIHIPAA gives our IT managed services providers every tool possible to make reselling data protection services a smart and simple solution to their clients’ evolving needs. Start using PCIHIPAA as a supplementary source of revenue for your IT business.

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