OSHA Quick Assessment

What is an OSHA Quick Assessment?

The OSHA quick assessment is a brief 20-
question questionnaire that should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the assessment, one of Rectangle Health’s compliance advisors will give you a call, walk you through your results, and let you know how to fill in some of your OSHA compliance gaps.


Why should I care?

We are in the middle of the greatest occupational hazard of our lifetime (COVID-19). It is essential your practice is doing everything possible to stay compliant with the latest OSHA regulations.
OSHA audits have increased exponentially over the past two years and most audits are triggered by anonymous employee complaints. The first step in making sure this doesn’t happen to your practice is by assessing where you stand.
The OSHA quick assessment will help our team of compliance experts assess your OSHA policies and procedures, training mechanisms, hazard communication/ respiratory protection plans., etc.

How do I make sure I’m OHSA Compliant?


Get Your staffs Bloodborne Pathogen, Hazard Communication, COVID-19, and Infection Control trainings taken care of!

Safety Data Sheets

Access over 14 million safety data sheets and view/control your chemical inventory levels.


Easily generate a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, Respiratory Protection Standard Plan, Bloodborne Pathogen Plan and keep everything up to date


Access six checklists to make sure your practice is meeting the latest OSHA requirements.