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Every day, thousands of practices spanning all 50 states trust us to protect their practice and help make their day-to-day operations easier

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Providing a helping hand to those in Dental Nursing Orthodontics Healthcare

Office Manager

• Create and manage documentation
• 24/7 tech and compliance support
• Dynamic educational resources and trainings



• Encrypted data back-up and e-mail solutions
• Emergency and incident response planning
• Best in class practice safeguards (cyber-liability insurance, identity theft protection, etc.)

Compliance Officer

• Over 1,400 hours of On-Demand CE training
• Customize your practice’s policies and procedures with ease
• Turnkey Business Associate Agreements


Why Businesses Choose PCIHIPAA

There are not enough words to describe how much easier my life has become since we started working with PCIHIPAA. For the longest time OSHA and HIPAA management was an enormous burden for me, added onto everything else I was already handling at the office. PCIHIPAA practically changed that overnight. Highly Recommend!
– Yana E

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