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HIPAA protects patients and PCIHIPAA protects you. You can now experience a greater level of confidence about HIPAA compliance and patient data protection.

Five Minutes Can Save Your Practice

HIPAA Security Rule Requires a Mandatory Risk Assessment
Criminals target medical and dental professionals for a simple reason: patient files, which contain social security numbers, birthdates and other pieces of valuable information are worth between $500 and $1,000 on the black market. This means your practice is a one-stop-shop for a hacker. HIPAA now makes it mandatory for every practice to take a risk assessment. After all, if you don’t know your vulnerabilities, how are you going to fix them?

>> Take Your Mandatory Risk Assessment

Take Your Complimentary 5 Minute Risk Assessment Now
In just 5 minutes, you can complete the required risk assessment and be on your way to evaluating your risk of a data breach. Not knowing your risk is not a defense if your PHI is compromised and it could cost your practice millions of dollars in fines. Taking the risk assessment will help determine your risk score and the five key vulnerabilities that your practice is facing.

>> Take The First Step Towards HIPAA Compliance

Immediately Learn Your Risk Score and Schedule a Review of Your 22-Page Risk Report
After you take the risk assessment, you’ll receive a FREE 22-page HIPAA Compliance Report and your HIPAA risk score. We will review your risk score with you and guide you through the necessary steps to achieve legal compliance. You’ll learn your five key vulnerabilities and what you need to do to protect your practice from a costly data breach.

>> Uncover Your Practice’s Vulnerabilities


After taking the free online HIPAA Risk Assessment offered by AAOMS, I realized our practice could use help with our information security needs. Our practice signed up with OfficeSafe by PCIHIPAA through AAOMS in August 2016. The staff is so helpful and friendly and I finally feel that our practice is on the right path toward being compliant. OfficeSafe has put together binders along with the online portal to help guide us to our way of compliance. All of the policies are prepared in addition to any forms we may need. Using the online videos for our employee meeting made the employees feel well informed. The stress of not having to worry if we are compliant is so worth it. I highly recommend the PCIHIPAA program to help with your office HIPAA and security obstacles.

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