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Client Expanding Their Business
January 21, 2022

Client Expanding Their Business


Advanced Family Eye Care was in the process of expanding a 2nd Location and transitioning the business under new management. There were a lot of concerns over the transfer of HIPAA records and the extent of responsibility between the former owner and the new executives.


PCIHIPAA provided the doctors and practice owners with all off the laws and processes related to the transfer of patient records in a concise, yet informative presentation. After consulting with our team of Compliance Experts, both parties were able to easily navigate the proper protocols of HIPAA requirements and the period former owners stay on with a consultant role after the transaction.

“We have been using OfficeSafe for ___ years. They have been so easy to work with for our practice’s HIPAA compliance and cyber- security. And now with OfficeSafe OSHA, they can also help us with our OSHA requirements. We are excited to take care of HIPAA, OSHA, and PCI compliance, on one platform, from one company.”

–Dr. Brad B.