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Testing Quiz
February 15, 2022

Testing Quiz

Welcome to your HIPAA Quiz

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1. Patients who believe that their PHI has been compromised have the right to make a complaint to the federal government.

2. Under HIPAA, patients are not allowed to view their own PHI.

3. Which of these are not one of the 3 Key HIPAA Safeguards?

4. Which of the following is NOT considered a business associate?

5. Which of the following is true about ransomware?

6. A practice's employee's access rights to PHI is usually determined by how long they have been employed with the practice.

7. Which of the following is considered a covered entity?

8. Under the HIPAA Security Rule, covered entities must do which of the following?

9. Employees having a conversation about a patient in a public area where the conversation can be overheard is not a HIPAA violation.

10. If you have trained your staff on HIPAA, but not on specific policies and procedures, no additional training is needed for employees.