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The HIPAA Safe Harbor Bill
March 8, 2022

The HIPAA Safe Harbor Bill

What is it? 
The HIPAA Safe Harbor Bill signed January, 2021, amended the HITECH ACT. The purpose of the bill is to serve as a positive incentive for healthcare providers to increase investment in cyber-security for the benefit of regulatory compliance and patient safety.
What does this mean for my practice?
If you have standardized security practices for at least 12 months, during a security incident investigation the HHS Secretary may decide to decrease the extent and length of the audit, reduce the amount of a fine, and/or lessen the remedies that HHS might have otherwise imposed. 
How do I know if my practice will be covered under Safe Harbor?
Schedule a quick chat with our senior risk advisors. They will walk you through your practice’s vulnerabilities and let you know how you can implement cyber-security practices to fall within the protections of the bill. The sooner such practices are implemented, the better.